What you have to do to redeem the offer:

  • Publish content on your website about Goldenkeys Recruitment
  • The content on your website must include a link to the Goldenkeys Website: www.goldenkeys.co.uk
  • The content and link to the offer must be live on the website prior to you receiving the discount
  • Write a Google review on the discount and service offered from Goldenkeys

Here are some of the many clients we have worked with:

If you think this sounds like a lot of work, it really isn’t. See how quick and easy it was for one of our other customers below:


Sounds good? It is! To find out if you qualify, please email your website address to goldenkeys@goldenkeys.co.uk

This promotion is subject to availability.

Goldenkeys Recruitment at their discretion may reject any client’s application for the promotion.  If you fail to comply with the above criteria once the above promotion has been accepted you will be charged the full fees for our service.  

Please note, social media pages are not eligible for this offer, sorry.

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